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We can't thank you enough for taking such great care of XXX. He is growing up so nicely into a wonderful little boy. He has also learned so much of benefiting from being with Mary-Angelina. We are thankful to know that XXX is fortunate."

Michael Dembowski

Isabelle is amazing! I have 5 children of my own so I feel qualified to judge. She has a genuine love for children, is hardworking, a proactive planner and extremely safety conscious. Putting it simply, she is an outstanding daycare provider.

Steve Arkinstall

"One thing that has always impressed me is Isabelle's ability to keep calm at all times. Isabelle is upbeat and always smiling with good manner. Children learn from example, and I find that my children are calm in Isabelle's presence.
Foundations are the most important part of a child's learning and development. A good environment with great role model is the perfect way to build those foundations.
If you are looking for childcare you can trust Chinese-English Daycare Wonderwhiz Academy is a fantastic choice"

Craig Marshal

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