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Preschool Program

Your preschooler is quickly growing, now potty-trained and always eager to discover new things. At this important stage, your child is becoming more coordinated and able to absorb a great deal of information each day.

At Wonderwhiz Academy's Playhouse, we carefully plan your child’s daily activities, incorporating a diverse range of hands-on experiences to promote both learning and socialization. Our dedicated teachers guide your child in learning to write their name and in recognizing letters, numbers, colors, and shapes. They also introduce foundational concepts such as identifying opposites and emotions, as well as basic directional skills. Importantly, we focus on nurturing self-awareness and encouraging independence, helping your child develop crucial self-help abilities.

Our preschool classrooms are designed with these significant developmental milestones in mind, outfitted with age-appropriate educational toys to continuously nurture your child's curiosity and eagerness to learn, encouraging healthy interactions with both their peers and their surroundings.

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