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Specialty Programs

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Chinese Program

Hongen Curriculum

We use complete Chinese language learning system to teach children 0-5 year old. We have Chinese story time and music time everyday. We use abundant language resources and enriched activities help children learn Chinese in a natural and interactive way.  From flashcards, posters, play towers to reading pens that reads out any content in the compatible books and learning toys, the whole learning system has been effective and lots of fun. Now my daughter who is not two year old yet can sing many famous Chinese nursery songs and counting in 10 already.

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Research-Based Curriculum

Early Experience Curriculum

What will my children learn? 
"Early Experience Curriculum uniquely weaves 33 research-based skills through daily activities and discovery projects in monthly theme. As children participate in Mother Goose Time, they are naturally exposed to skills which support their on-going social-emotional, physical, language and cognitive development thus support a child’s school readiness." 

The Mother Goose Time curriculum applies child development theories and brain research to a unique model of teacher support, child experience, and family engagement.


 Music & Dance Program

Daily program

We have a spacious room just for children to dance and enjoy music time, play a variety of music instruments. Ms.Isabella plays piano since young and was licensed to teach Zumba Kids & Kids Junior. She enjoys sharing the love for music and dance with children.

Asian Meal

Healthy Meals

Home-cooked Balanced Meal

"We are what we eat". We take our nutrition and eating habits seriously. We provide two healthy meals and two snacks for children. A lot of fruit and vegetable, yummy Asian noodle, dumpling, bums, good proteins and western food as well. We ensure children have wholesome, nutritious meal options throughout the day.

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