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Who We Are

Isabelle Ren

Founder & Director 

Mom of four children, age 3,6,9 and 12. She has passion for early childhood education, training and experiences for the last 10 years. She loved engaging with families and building trusting and multicultural community. Her career began at the Ash Center in Harvard Kennedy School, but soon, the call of motherhood beckoned her. The powerful desire to be close to her child while simultaneously pursuing her career ambitions was irresistible. This longing eventually paved the path for her to establish Wonderwhiz Academy. Today, the academy stands on the cusp of its 5th-year anniversary as a beloved family childcare institution, with the exciting prospect of opening a new location in the upcoming months. The journey has been exhilarating for her. The gleam of realization in a child’s eyes, the exuberance when they conquer a new challenge, these moments drive her mission. Her vision is clear: to nurture a rich, intellectually stimulating environment that fosters creativity, confidence, and a sense of global community. The academy celebrates diverse cultures and encourages dialogues, forging friendships that transcend borders, thereby instilling trust and resilience in young hearts. Additionally, the focus extends to the educators at Wonderwhiz Academy. She empowers them to realize their monumental role - they shape the very foundation of a child's curiosity and trust in the world.

Connie Chong

Toddler/Preschool Teacher

Trilingual Teacher, fluent in Mandarin, Cantonese and English. Extensive training in special education. She loves teaching Children Chinese culture and reading stories. In the nurturing corridors of our Wonderwhiz Academy is Connie, a valued teacher for toddlers and preschoolers. She exudes warmth, understanding, and a wealth of practical experience. Connie's roots trace back to the diverse landscapes of Malaysia, where she grew up imbued with a multicultural understanding. Fluent in English, Mandarin, and Cantonese, Connie seamlessly bridges linguistic and cultural gaps, fostering a rich multicultural environment for our families. Her journey is one of selfless giving, evident in her roles both as a devoted mother to two boys and an esteemed educator. Connie's commitment to supporting every family's unique needs is reflected in her extensive training in Special Education in Hong Kong. This educational foundation is further enriched by her experience of running her own agency, where she created crucial connections between families needing care and dedicated caregivers. In her agency, Connie played a pivotal role in recognizing and addressing the distinct needs of every family, further enhancing her understanding and perspective of individualized service. Her holistic approach to care is a testament to her unwavering commitment to ensuring every child and family feels understood, respected, and cherished. After moving to America, Connie’s journey found a home at Wonderwhiz Academy in 2019. Her exceptional track record speaks volumes, marked by her steadfast responsibility and commitment to the community here. Families continuously express their appreciation for her gentle and empathetic demeanor. Her emphasis on cultivating compassion and promoting positive behaviors radiates throughout her interactions and teachings. Connie’s multifaceted experience, from her own agency to her time at Wonderwhiz Academy, makes her an irreplaceable part of our founding team. Her dedicated love, understanding, and ability to cater to every family's unique needs stand as a beacon of support and guidance for our community. We invite you to join us in honoring and welcoming Connie, a true embodiment of multicultural wisdom, compassionate connection, and unwavering support at Wonderwhiz Academy.


Nayelli Ramos

Infant & Toddler Teacher

Spanish and English Fluent. Extensive experience in caregiving with previous job in ER and Hospice Care. She fell in love with Early Education and is loved by all children. In the nurturing haven of our center, one person stands as a beacon of warmth, care, and boundless joy - Nayelli. She brings an inspiring blend of experience and passion, making her an indispensable cornerstone in our community. Every day, she steps into our center with a beaming smile and an energy that uplifts everyone around her. Nayelli embarked on her career with intensive caretaking roles, enriching the lives of the elderly in hospice and nursing homes for two years. Her compassion and expertise further extended to the Emergency Room at a hospital where she worked as a Certified Nurse Assistant, honing her skills in providing critical care. The administrative world too saw the blossoming of Nayelli's exceptional customer service talents as she greeted and assisted patients at a dentist office's front desk with her inherent warmth and professionalism. As she pursues her lead teacher certification through early childhood education classes, Nayelli is gearing up to make an even more profound impact in the field of child care. This comes as no surprise to those who have witnessed her love for children that started blossoming since her teenage years. What truly sets Nayelli apart is her deep connection with the children and the joy she derives from their growth and happiness. She once shared, "it makes me so happy when I see the little ones smiling, especially when I read them a book and notice that a one-year-old remembers it the next time we read it. It gives me a great sense of contentment to see the positive and lasting impact I am making in their lives." This genuine affection and commitment to fostering learning and happiness in children are palpable in every interaction she has with them. Nayelli has a unique ability to forge a bond with each child, encouraging them to flourish and thrive in a nurturing environment. We are incredibly fortunate to have Nayelli with us, a radiant spirit who brings love, care, and a nurturing touch to our center. Her presence here is more than a role - it is a gift, a dedication to fostering a space where children can grow with love and joy. Join us in welcoming Nayelli - a remarkable individual who embodies love, joy, and the genuine delight in witnessing the happy, learning strides of the wonderful children she cares for at our center.

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