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Special Enrollment Offer

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Special Offer Limited Time Only


  • Application Fee/Waived ($50 Value)

  • Enroll Now and receive a value of $100 in value of Hongen Chinese/Chinese-English/English Books! (quantity limited)

  • Instead of One month of tuition as deposit upon enrollment, now it's only two weeks of tuition as deposit, which will count as the last two weeks' tuition.

Refer-a-Friend Program 

Earn your friend's family ONE WEEK OF FREE QUALITY CHILDCARE and get $150 in cash. Share our daycare with your friends, if one family enroll at Wonderwhiz, they will enjoy the awesome special offer above and we will reward you $150 in cash. 

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Enroll Now

New location is coming! Stay tuned.

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Location #1 North Framingham 
Location #2 is coming soon

(617) 855-5968

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